Tarryn Krysten



Host, Promo

Being a part of the performing arts/entertainment industry for 10 years, Tarryn Krysten has been steadfastly working towards building up her modelling/promotional portfolio.

Modelling for 8 years now, Tarryn Krysten has been a part of many modelling/promotional jobs such as, Girlfriend Magazine, Lamborghini Australia, Leiela Ladies Evening Wear, RMIT final assessments, Cosgrove & Beasely, Target Australia, Acqua Panna for LMFF and many more.

Tarryn Krysten has also played a huge role in charity work with participating in events such as, raising awareness for Brest Cancer and recently participating in BIBA Academy’s charity runway for the cancer foundation.

Lastly, Tarryn Krysten was one of the finalists of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week’s ‘Search for a Real Model Competition,’ where she was later crowned as one of the winners to participate in the runways throughout Spring Fashion Week.